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About Us

HQ ITV Forum

Obviously this is the forum which accompanies the main HQ ITV website. So, to begin with, we will explain a little about that.

HQ ITV obviously stands for High Quality Internet Television. Indeed, this is an online television station for all to use. However, we do not host any videos ourselves. This is because we would need super powerful servers. Of course, this would be impractical. Indeed, this is what other websites such as YouTube are for. So, they have the hardware and we can utilise them. Just to point out that there are other video hosting websites that we can use.

The beauty of HQ ITV is that we have our own community television station of course. With this in mind, we allow much social interaction. In other words, users can interact much better. Obviously any video that users post on HQ ITV has the ability to accept comments from other members. But above all, anyone can vote for the videos. Indeed, we have a good rating system with the ones that perform best go to the top of the league.

Then we have all videos organised into their specific channels. For example, we have the music channel which has songs from the decades. Of course we have many different TV channels as follows. Indeed, each television station has its very own sub-station.

High Quality Internet Television Stations

Comedy Channel: Sitcoms, Sketches, Fail Videos, Stand-Up Comedians and other funny videos.

Movies Channel: Film Clips, Film Trailers and Full Length Films.

Documentary Channel: Health, Nature, Politics, Science and Space.

Music Channel: 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's and the 2010's

Various: How To Videos and TV Adverts.

The HQ ITV Forum

Obviously, our forum compliments the HQ ITV Station. With this in mind, it allows more user interaction. For example, members can make posts while other members can reply. However, please remember that we do have some rules and guidelines.

Members can use the HQ ITV Forum for anything they so wish. Indeed, members can use the forum to comment on the videos we have on the main television station. However, members can also request a video. For example, should a user want a specific documentary, another member might be able to help. Of course, not everyone is internet savvy, so please take this into account.

Generally speaking, the HQ ITV Forum is a public forum that anyone can join. So, as well as the subjects that interest video lovers, we also some off-topic forums for all. However, the HQ ITV Forum will always be about High Quality Internet Television.

Finally, please chill out, enjoy yourself and call back often. Indeed, we encourage all members to post often. So much so that we have a ranking system specifically for the HQ ITV Forum. In other words, the more posts you make, the higher you will rank!