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Privacy Policy

HQ ITV Forum Privacy Policy

To begin with, may we remind members that our full Privacy Policy is on the main HQ ITV website. So, members should read that if they want to see our Privacy Policy in full. However, that is rather long and sometimes a little complicated. Therefore, we will put a few of the basic things here just to put members in the picture.


Firstly, the HQ ITV Forum, like most websites you visit uses cookies. These of course, are small text files that users can accept or decline. Indeed, if you accept cookies, those small files go on the device you use to access our websites. Obviously, we are a reputable website that encourages users to call back often. Therefore, our cookies are friendly. We only mention this because some websites are not!

Should visitors to websites decline cookies, then you may not enjoy the full benefit of HQ ITV. This is because cookies communicate with your device to find out what language you use etc.

Your Info:

Obviously, when you sign up at any website, you will give a little information about yourself. For example, your name and email address. Our promise to you therefore, is that we will never share your information with any third party. Indeed, your information stays on our server to help the server identify you when you return. Since we use some of the best servers in the world, they have a lot of back-end security. So, users should have complete faith in the HQ ITV Forum. Indeed, the same applies to our online television station as well.

To Sum Up

In short, we hope that our brief Privacy Policy explanation helps you to understand things a little better. However, if you are still have concerns, you could try reading the complete Privacy Policy in full. Alternatively, you could contact us of course. Finally, HQ ITV has a reputation to keep and we are always looking for ways to improve things. This is because we care about our members and visitors.