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HQ ITV Forum Rules

In order to allow a free flowing message board for users to intermingle, we need a few rules.
Obviously we do not intend to interfere too much with what users post.

However, the HQ ITV website has rules that it must follow too.
So, here we have a basic collection of rules and guidelines that we lay out. Obviously, we enforce the rules but the guidelines are just that.

Rules we enforce:

01) By joining HQ ITV Forum, you also agree with the terms and conditions. This obviously applies to the main HQ ITV Station too.
02) Anything you post is your sole responsibility of course.
03) You must stay legal at all times obviously. However, if you stick with common sense, you can't go too wrong.
04) Since we do not allow porn, then we do don allow users to post links to that either.
05) Obviously we do not allow extreme images too, and no links to them either.
06) In fact, we do not allow links to anything illegal either.
07) Of course, our policy at HQ ITV is for a better user experience. With this in mind, do not make any member feel uncomfortable in any way. Indeed, you should allow others to be creative without any discrimination against them. Also see rule 3!
08) By joining the HQ ITV Forum you agree to check for changes to our rules from time to time.

Guidelines for forum posts which we do not enforce but it helps:

01) Please try and stay on topic obviously.
02) Posts sometimes look better when new sentences are on separate lines but this is up to the members.
03) Although we discourage one word posts, we will not enforce this. However, please use as many words as possible when creating a new thread or topic.
04) Finally, if you want to post a video, think whether it would be better off on the main TV channels.

Generally speaking, this concludes the rules and guidelines for the High Quality Internet Television Forum. However,please check them every few months just in case there are any changes. Above all, we are not grammar freaks. Indeed, we allow members to do as they please as long as it is legal and stick bu the rules. So, please enjoy your stay and call back often.