North Korea Undercover – BBC Panorama

North Korea Undercover – BBC Panorama

This is a BBC Panorama documentary with the name of North Korea Undercover. In fact, John Sweeney goes undercover in the secretive state and shows thins as they are.

North Korea Undercover – BBC Panorama

To begin with, this documentary is all about one of the worlds most secretive states – North Korea. In the first place, this state is so insular, they have very few friends. However, they could just trigger off World War III. This is because of their relentless march towards a nuclear ambition. In fact, their official line is that they need to protect themselves from invasion.

North Korea indeed believes that the United States of America is public enemy number one. But what is behind this silly belief all about? Not only have they created nuclear weapons but they are now miniaturising them. This is because they intend to place them on their rockets and aim them at America.

Kim Jong-un

Indeed, the supreme leader of North Korea is Kim Jong-un and many say he is a maniac. Moreover, Donald Trump calls him Rocket Man. This is obviously a reference to the fact that North Korea testing many rockets regularly. It also corresponds with a recording by Elton John.

Kim Jong-un has also made counter claims about Donald Trump calling him many names. In other words, this is the ultimate playground slanging match. This is because both have nuclear weapons. However, should Rocket Man continue to annoy the Americans, they will not last too long.

To Sum Up

John Sweeney indeed has given us an insight into this secretive state. Nevertheless, a massive miscalculation between North Korea and America, could prove disastrous. For example, if the North Koreans push the Americans too far something will give. Of course, once conflict begins, it all depends on who sides with North Korea and where it all ends up.

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