Porridge The Movie 1979

Porridge The Movie (1979).

To begin with, this is a full length feature film – Porridge The Movie from 1979. Obviously it is a spin off from the successful television series Porridge. However,in the United States of America this film had the name of Doing Time. Also, while the TV series was around 30 minutes long, this film is around 90 minutes in length.

Porridge The Movie (1979)

Indeed, all the characters from the TV series is in the film except Lukewarm, Blanco, Heslop and Harris. Just to point out that this film includes one of the last appearances by Richard Beckinsale. This is because he died a few weeks after the release of this film. Obviously, Beckinsdale played Godber.

The characters

Ronnie Barker as Norman Stanley Fletcher
Richard Beckinsale as Lennie Godber
Fulton Mackay as Mackay
Brian Wilde as Barrowclough
Peter Vaughan as Grouty
Geoffrey Bayldon as Treadaway – Governor
Christopher Godwin as Beal
Barrie Rutter as Oakes
Daniel Peacock as Rudge
Sam Kelly as Warren
Julian Holloway as Bainbridge
Ken Jones as Ives
Philip Locke as Banyard
Gorden Kaye as Dines (coach driver)
Karl Howman as Urquhart
Derek Deadman as Cooper
Tony Osoba as McClaren
Oliver Smith as McMillan
Zoot Money as Lotterby
Jackie Pallo Jr. as Jacko

The Plot

In the first place the setting is the same as the TV shows, HM Slade Prison. A violent armed robber arrives at the prison and asks Mr Big to arrange an escape route. Obviously, Mr. Big has the screen name, Harry Grout. Grouty forces Fletch to arrange a football match for prisoner moral and to put Slade Prison on the map.

Indeed, Fletch does persuade the prison Governor to allow the event with the help from the other prison officers. Moreover, the match is against celebrities. Obviously, we shall allow you to enjoy the rest of the film without spoiling the plot.

To Sum Up

Although the original series was a BBC production, this film was an independent production. In fact the BBC never even gets a credit. Be that as it may, Porridge fans will love this full length film. This is because it retains all the flavour of the TV series. So watch, enjoy and leave a comment.

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