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We have all seen a good YouTube video that we wish to share with others. So, here is your opportunity to post your videos online. Indeed, you do not even have to sign up to do so. Obviously, you can post as many interesting videos that you like. Moreover, users can also vote for their favourites.

How To Post Your Videos

Indeed, posting videos on High Quality Internet Television is easy. Just choose the video you wish to share with us all. Then, copy the link for that video and post it into the submit a video form above. Obviously, you need to ensure that your details are correct. Also ensure that you choose the category. Then answer a simple anti-spam question. This is because we need to filter out the good from the bad.

Now that your link is in the form, you need to write a minimum 200 word article. In reality, without your 200 word article, it will be difficult for others to discover your posts. In other words, you would be just posting a link which nobody will find. However, with a small description or your opinions etc, others will be able to search for and find the video.

Once you have all these details in order, press submit. However, your post may go into a queue for modification. This is to help stop spam from making an ugly appearance. Also, it gives us a chance to see that all details are correct. However, if you wish to post on a regular basis, we can lift this restriction. By all means post as many videos as you like. In fact, we encourage users to do this for better social interaction.

Choose A Category

In short, when posting your video here at HQ ITV, carefully choose a category. This is because the categories become the TV channel where your video is displayed. Therefore, choose one of the following categories for your posts:

Fail Videos
Stand-Up Comedians
Other Funny Videos
Twenty Tens
Film Clips
Film Trailers
Full Length Films
Show Jumping
World Games
TV Adverts

Terms And Conditions

In the first place, we have a few terms and conditions you need to adhere to. For example, we do not allow porn or other forms of filth.

However, because we use YouTube etc, they will have already completed their checks on the content. With this in mind, all YouTube videos are friendly enough for submission. However, as previously noted you must give a decent description.

Submit A Video - post your interesting videos at HQ ITV
There is no need to worry about your writing. Indeed, we are not grammar Nazi’s but we reserve the right to adjust your post where necessary. Obviously, if you have any problems whatsoever, contact us and let us know.

Television Forum

Finally, may we invite you to join in with our massive Television Forum. Some people prefer these types of message boards to socially interact with other like-minded people. There is also a facility to post your videos on the TV Forum as well.

So, users of HQ ITV have the best of both world – a Television Blog and Forum. Why not pop over today and have your say because our forum is open to everyone.

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