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To begin with, this page is basically a landing page for our site info. Indeed, all the links below are available in the tabs at the top of all our pages. However, there is no harm connecting to them from here. So, click the link you need.

HQ ITV Site Info

About Us – indeed, this is all about the HQ ITV website.
Contact Us – also please allow up to 48 hours for a reply.
Home Page – bookmark this page.
Privacy Policy – this is obviously our promises to you.
Terms of Use – in short, our Terms and Conditions page.
Submit Your Video – also info how to do this.
Surf the internet for free here – as it says, also power is from google.

To Sum Up

Did you know that you can also post your videos on HQ ITV? Indeed, you can and no registration is necessary either. In other words, there is no need to sign in to HQ ITV to interact with other like-minded people. So, use the ‘post your videos’ link above and show off your interesting video.

Obviously, you can vote for the best videos that we show. Then there is the ratings table which shows which video people enjoyed most. Indeed, we hope if you post one that your video can go viral and using our website can help with that aim.

TV Forum

Finally, join in with us here at High Quality Internet Television. Indeed, we are a socially interactive television station online which allows people to chill out and relax at. However, we also have a TV Forum too. Obviously, the main theme is television and the big screen. But, there are off-topic subjects too.

Our massive TV Forum allows visitors to HQ ITV to better socially interact with each other. So, pop over today and have your say, whatever it is.

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HQ ITV is an online television station

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