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About Us - what we do and why we exist

This page is all about us!

To begin with, this page will tell you what are we all about us here at HQ ITV. Firstly, welcome to the new site. Indeed, we have updated things quite a bit and even got a new domain. So, members and viewers will note this straight off.

All About Us

So, here we are again, up to date and raring to go. Obviously, the old members know what we do here but new members and visitors may not. In the first place, it isn’t hard to understand things here. For example, just one look at the website and people will note that we present videos. Indeed, we present videos from across all the genres.

Categories we include are comedy, documentaries, films, news, politics and also music videos etc. Obviously we don’t limit the site to just those. For instance, we showcase many ‘how to’ videos. Moreover, even those have sub-categories!

Helping Promote Good Videos

Obviously, we exist to promote videos that are freely available on the internet today. Indeed, most come from YouTube. Most people who upload their videos to YouTube also allow others to share their work. Moreover, they benefit greatly from this. However, some people do not allow sharing. In this case, we can’t provide a link to their videos. Indeed, we have no option.


We DO NOT host any of the videos we present here at HQ ITV. To begin with, we just wouldn’t have the bandwidth do that. Instead, we are provide video embeds from the likes of YouTube that have all the processing powers necessary. In other words, YouTube provides us with the links but they host the videos. With this in mind, all the videos you see on HQ ITV are available to you direct from YouTube.

However, while other places have the videos, we have better user experiences. This is because we have the individual channels. Also, we have better social interaction too.

Community Participation

So, now that you understand the format, why do we do this if all information is available on YouTube? The answer is many fold, however, the number one reason is that we allow closer member participation. Indeed, we encourage members to post their views and opinions on the videos. Moreover, those who visit us have a lot in common with the videos on display. Above all, users are able to post their own videos for others to comment on.

Above all, one of the better features we have at HQ ITV is the rating system. Of course, this allows other visitors to vote or rate the videos they see on High Quality Internet TV.

To Sum Up

Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay here at HQ ITV. Moreover, if you have a favourite video you wish to post here, please do so. Indeed, you do not have to register. Alternatively, you can also contact us using the above tab and send us a link.
Green TV screen - we are a 'family friendly' website
Obviously, bookmark us and call back often to post or vote. After all, if you post a video, you will want to know how good it fairs.

Finally, please refer to our Terms and Conditions of use page.

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