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Obviously, if you need to contact us here at HQ ITV for whatever reason, use the form above. Indeed, the contact form is easy to use. So, fill in your name, email address, subject and then the main body. Then, prove you are not a spam bot by solving the simple captcha facility. Of course, please allow a little time for a reply. But we will get back to you if it is necessary.

Think Before You Send!

Before you contact us, please use the search facility first. In essence, the answer might already be somewhere on the HQ ITV network. However, should this not be the case, then use the form. Also, if you find that there is a problem with our site, let us know. Likewise, should you wish us to add a feature, again, tell us. In the unlikely event that you find the form above not working, then please use the contact facility on the Television Forum.


High Quality Internet Television is indeed a truly interactive online TV station. Obviously, we encourage users to post videos at their own leisure. So, please call back here often and interact with other users. In essence, if we can help you further, please use the form above and tell us your concerns.

While we do our best to keep things ticking over here at HQ ITV, sometimes things go wrong. Obviously, tell us if you think this is the case. In particular, tell us if you feel the site needs a facelift or something else needs adding.


All in all, we hope you enjoy your stay here at High Quality Internet TV. Just to point out that we have a Terms of Use Policy and a Privacy Policy too. So, please check those out.

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