Terminator 2 Arrives

Terminator 2 Arrives

This is indeed the opening scene from the Terminator 2 film – Judgment Day. Obviously, Arnold Schwarzenegger (T800) arrives from the future and is naked. The first thing he does therefore is to attempt to look normal. So, he finds a bar and politely asks a biker for his clothes. However, that was always going to end up in a pub brawl.

Terminator 2 Arrives

Indeed, Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to town to protect John Connor. But, after travelling through time and space, the Terminator has no clothes. So, off he goes into the nearest bar and eyes up someone with a similar build to himself. Once he does this, he needs to get the clothing from an unsuspecting biker who fits the bill. But, the biker tries to stub out his cigar on the terminators chest in an attempt to stamp his authority.

The people in the bar soon realise that they are not going to win a fight with Arny. This is because many of them tried to deal with the Terminator. However, after seeing what Arny is capable of they soon back off.

The scene then shows Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving the bar dressed as a biker to the sound of Bad To The Bone. Then we close with Arny the Terminator riding off with a motorbike. Obviously, we all know how the rest of the film goes. So, enjoy this film clip and let us know what you think below.

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