Westworld Film Trailer (1973)

Westworld Film Trailer (1973)

To begin with, Westworld is a science fiction western thriller starring Yul Brynner. Indeed, after its release in 1973, it became a bit of a cult movie. However, it is showing its age now but it did do the ground work for other futuristic films. For example, would the likes of Terminator have come about without the likes of Westworld?

Westworld Film Trailer Starring Yul Brynner

In this Westworld trailer you get a taste of what the film is about. With the film coming out in 1973, it seems strange that it was setting is in 1983. Basically, Westworld is a theme park and holidaymakers can choose which ‘world’ they would like to be in. For instance, people can choose the Westworld, the old American west. They can also choose Medieval World and go back in time to medieval Europe. Then there is Roman World where visitors can visit which has a setting around the City of Pompeii.

For the most part, the theme parks’ residents are androids, including the animal. However, they are all under the control of a super computer which ensures that they do not harm humans. So, in Westworld, you can have a gun fight with a droid and you are sure to win. Enter Benjamin and Brolin who we follow into the park and experience their adventures.

Man v Machine

The robots, or droids will not harm humans but there is always the plot where things go terribly wrong. Indeed, Westworld is no different. The controllers soon find out that the machines start to malfunction. Moreover, it is like what we know now as a computer virus. Then the machines seem to get a mind of their own. In fact, this is the early version of artificial intelligence.

In Westworld, for example, Yul Brynner, was the cowboy who dresses in black. Indeed, he was a black hat gunslinger whose job it was to instigate fights with the visitors. Of course, the visitors won every time. So, Benjamin a first time visitor to the park did too. However, once the virus took hold, the gunslinger went about hunting Benjamin down.

So, we follow Benjamin as gunslinger Brynner uses his superior powers to trail him for the final showdown. Benjamin finally wins after an epic chase through all the three theme parks.

Flimsy Design But Great Film

Viewers will note that the trailer to the film also shows a very flimsy wall on the jailbreak scene. With this in mind, if the official trailer shows a flimsy design fault, what others are in the film? That sort of thin is only noticeable when pointed out and it shouldn’t detract from what is a wonderful film.

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